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Enhanced CDA Course

Agenda for Children is starting a CDA course in September 2016! We've developed an innovative program with dedicated coach/teachers who will not only teach the CDA classes, but will also provide coaching in your classroom and give you ongoing support after the course ends as you work to obtain your CDA credential. The new course is aligned to CLASS and GOLD, so you'll be set up for success in the new rating system. There are plenty of hands-on activities, so you can put what you learn in class into practice and get feedback from your coach/teacher. There are tracks available for both infant/toddler teachers and preschool teachers. 

Please note that it is designed for teachers in Type III centers and will be offered at no charge to teachers who work at Type III centers. This program is funded through the generous support of the Stranahan Foundation and the Louisiana Department of Education. 

The classes will be held in our New Orleans office (8300 Earhart Blvd., Suite 201) between September, 2016 and May 2017. 

Visit our Ancillary Certificate information page to learn more about Ancillary Certificates, including who is required to have one and how to get one.

Calendar of Events

The CDA calendar is available by clicking here. Please note that it is subject to change, but the calendar will be updated (and participants will be notified) as changes occur. 


Please contact Emily Trout at for more information.

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