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Enhanced CDA Course

Agenda for Children's Enhanced Child Development Associate (CDA) Program is an innovative approach to the CDA. Our dedicated coach/teachers teach the CDA classes, as well as provide coaching in participants' classrooms and ongoing support after the course ends. The new course is aligned to CLASS and GOLD, so course graduates will be set up for success in the new rating system. There are plenty of hands-on activities, so you can put what you learn in class into practice and get feedback from your coach/teacher. 

We offer two versions of the CDA course: the Intensive Summer CDA program and the School Year Program. Read on to learn which one might be right for you.

Intensive Summer CDA 

Applications due April 17, 2017!

The Intensive Summer CDA is a free two-month course designed especially for teachers and paraprofessionals who are not eligible for a Pathways scholarship to obtain a CDA. That includes teachers at Type III centers who have 80+ clock hours of training or a degree. It also includes teachers and paraprofessionals working at public schools and private schools participating in NSECD. Download our flier to learn more!


Our intensive 2-month course starts in June 2017 and ends in July 2017. Classes will be held on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons (from 2 pm until 5 pm) and on Saturdays (from 9 am until 12 pm) in our New Orleans office. 

Clock Hours

Because it is designed specifically for teachers who are not eligible for a Pathways scholarship, it offers 60 clock hours of training. This means that teachers who do not already have 60 (or more) clock hours of trainings in the needed CDA competency areas will need to attain those additional clock hours elsewhere, whether that is through an online provider of classes or Agenda for Children's regularly scheduled trainings. Don't worry-we will help you know what your options are!


All participants will be eligible to receive a stipend if they successfully complete the course and attain a CDA credential. There will also be a limited number of additional stipends available for participants currently employed by Type III centers.

How to Apply

Download the application and return it to Agenda for Children by April 17th. You can download the application in either Word format or PDF format

School Year CDA 

The School Year CDA course is designed for early childhood educators who are eligible for a Pathways scholarship. If you work for a Type III center, have earned fewer than 80 clock hours of training in early childhood education and have not previously received a Pathways scholarship for a CDA, you may be eligible for a Pathways scholarship. The application for the 2017-2018 School Year CDA course will be available by the end of April, so please check back soon for more details!

About the CDA Credential

The Child Development Associate (CDA) credential is one of the ways that teachers can qualify for an Ancillary Certificate, which will be required of all Lead Teachers in Type III centers by 2019. The CDA is designed to make sure that teachers have a solid foundation in early childhood education, both in terms of knowledge and practical experience. CDA candidates need at least 120 clock hours of training in early childhood education (in specific topic areas) and at least 480 hours of classroom experience. Candidates must also complete a professional portfolio, receive an observation from a professional development specialist and pass the CDA exam. Visit the Council on Professional Recognition's web site to learn more about the CDA. You can also visit our Ancillary Certificate information page to learn more about Ancillary Certificates, including who is required to have one and how to get one. Agenda for Children is a BESE-approved provider. 



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