Agenda for Children

Coaching for Early Childhood Educators

Child Care Coaching improves the quality of early care and education by providing on-site coaching and technical assistance (TA) to early care and education programs. The service is funded by the Louisiana Department of Education and is provided free of charge to Type III centers.

We customize our time in your program to fit your current needs. Our expert coaches can help your program with a wide range of topics, including:

During the coaching visit, our coaches may use classroom observations, modeling and coaching to assist the program in improving their quality. Coaches will also collaborate with the director to develop an improvement plan that connects training, best practices and classroom experiences. 

Agenda for Children has a Child Care Resource and Referral (CCR&R) contract with the Louisiana Department of Education that allows us to provide free coaching to Type III centers, and all other programs can receive coaching on a fee-for-service basis.

Agenda's coaching provided through CCR&R uses a "Tiered Technical Assistance" model so that we can provide programs with the right kind of help, right when they need it. Under the Tiered TA system, all Type III centers can continue to receive free trainings, free TA over the phone or via email, and free listings in our referral database. Under the Tiered model, centers that are rated as Approaching Proficient or that are engaged in formal Site Improvement Plans with the Louisiana Department of Education will receive priority for ongoing Practice Based Coaching (PBC), in which a coach visits a center regularly over the course of several months to work with teachers on a specific topic. Proficient and Excellent centers are, however, eligible for short-term coaching, which typically consists of a single visit on a specific topic. Centers can request coaching by contacting their local Agenda for Children office.

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