Agenda for Children

COVID-19 Child Care for Essential Workers

Find an In-Home Provider is providing three months of free, premium membership to to critical frontline and essential workers in Louisiana who would like to identify potential caregivers for their children during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please note that most caregivers available through charge for their services, and families are responsible for paying them. Visit to learn more.'s free premium membership for Louisiana essential workers was also highlighted in a recent article.

Find a Licensed Child Care Center

Use our Referral Database to Find a Child Care Program

Note that the names of programs you receive are generated by a computer in an impartial manner.  They are not recommendations and we cannot guarantee the quality of any program in our database. We strongly encourage you to interview and research the providers thoroughly before placing your child in a particular program. Read our How to Find Quality Care guide for more information on the child care search process.

Important Notes on Open Centers

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