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Education and Disabilities Coordinator

Education and Disabilities Coordinator
Company Name:
Boys Town
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Job Type:
New Orleans
Job Description:
The Education and Disabilities Coordinator works with Boys Town Head Start staff, child care directors, teachers, families, and students to guide and coordinate educational efforts for those who have special educational and disability needs. In this role, you will participate in the administration of the Head Start Education Program and coordinate educational and child development services, services for children with disabilities, and administrative activities for children and their families enrolled in Boys Town’s Head Start programs. Additional responsibilities will include:
• Developing and implementing curriculum, program, and procedures designed to meet the educational needs of all identified children enrolled at service delivery sites.
• Providing appropriate and accurate assessment and designation of enrolled children, in compliance with Head Start performance standards, as well as state and federal regulations.
• Serving as consultant to teachers and other school staff for remediation of communication disorders for identified children.
• Demonstrating concern and respect for individual children, facilitating academic and social growth of each child, and cares for health and well-being during the school day while working to engage the parents or guardians.
• Assessing and coordinating services for enrolled children with disabilities and their p arents or guardians; develops and implements plan for meeting Head Start requirement on serving children with disabilities.
• Collaborating with the Head Start Director to ensure that early childhood education services are implemented as identified in Head Start regulations and State standards.
• Designing, implementing, and managing a system of information management to track student enrollment and attendance, including a system for children with disabilities.
• Conducting regular program audits to ensure compliance with state and federal regulations and funding guidelines; providing timely reports of proposed and adopted state and federal regulations.
• Overseeing education teacher certification, staff development activities, and early education processing to meet state and federal guidelines.
• Initiating and following up on contracts with other school districts for services provided.
Minimum Education Required:
Bachelor's Degree
Other Qualifications:
• Bachelor’s degree in education, related field, or equivalent; Master’s degree preferred.
• Experience in early childhood education and supervision, including securing and individualizing needed services for children with disabilities and utilizing theories and principles of child growth and development, early childhood education, and family support.
• Knowledge of regulatory requirements pertaining to youth care and education.
• Ability to motivate and be accepting of students and understand student needs.
• Ability to communicate in an articulate, professional manner while maintaining necessary degree of confidentiality.
• Ability to quickly make decisions in sensitive and sometimes critical areas and to adapt responses to situations while maintaining procedural and regulatory integrity.
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