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Executive Director for NOEEN

Please note: this job will not be housed at Agenda for Children. Later this year, NOEEN will become an independent nonprofit organization.

The mission of NOEEN is to ensure an excellent start for every child in New Orleans by strengthening the early childhood education sector. This fall, NOEEN will become an independent, intermediary organization with the capacity to bring together stakeholders across the ECE sector, identify opportunities for improvement, attract new supports and funds, and work aggressively towards a unifying vision for ECE excellence citywide.

The search for the founding Executive Director of NOEEN is now open. Initial priorities for the Executive Director will be to:

• conduct a landscape analysis and assessment of ECE programs and services for families
• gather and lead a high impact group of individuals to launch NOEEN
• expand supply of and access to high quality early childhood education (ECE) programs; and
• carry out the key provisions for lead agencies required by the State’s Act 3 legislation.

To learn more about the executive director position, click here.

Infant/Toddler CDA Instructor/Coach

Agenda for Children is seeking an Infant/Toddler Instructor/Coach for our CDA (Child Development Associate) program. The Instructor/Coach is responsible for assisting 20-25 child care teachers in meeting the educational requirements needed to attain the Child Development Associate’s Credential through direct instruction, providing aligned technical assistance visits and coaching, coordinating site visits and guest lectures, facilitating communities of practice, and observing, and implementing applied practice activities. This includes working full-time, year round in the CDA program. He/she will be responsible for teaching the CDA classes, and mentoring and supporting candidates in successful completion of the requirements to attain a CDA credential.

Please click here for a full job description and instructions on how to apply.


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