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MMCI Sessions

NOEEN was recently awarded Supplemental Improvement funding through the Preschool Expansion Grant from the Department of Education to improve quality in Unsatisfactory and Approaching Proficient programs in Orleans Parish. The grant will allow us to provide MMCI training over 180 staff in schools, Head Start programs and private Type III early learning centers that were rated as "Unsatisfactory" or "Approaching Proficient." 
MMCI is a Group Coaching program developed by Teachstone that helps participants learn to use the CLASS® lens as a framework for understanding and improving the key teacher-child interactions that boost children’s learning. We are now looking for NOEEN partners who would be interested in becoming MMCI instructors for the network. Up to 8 partner agency staff will be able to serve as MMCI Instructors. 

Learn More

Learn more by downloading our flier about MMCI, where you can also find information about an informational session for potential instructors that will be held on April 9th.
Please note: the informational session is intended only for people who are interested in becoming an MMCI instructor. Informational sessions for potential MMCI participants will be held later in April and early May. 

Apply to become a NOEEN MMCI Instructor

Click here to apply to become a NOEEN MMCI Instructor. Please note that we are working to build the capacity of NOEEN program partners, so this opportunity is only available to individuals who work for a NOEEN program partner. Applications are due by close of business on April 23, 2018. 

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