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OneApp for Infant to 4 year olds Launches

November 02, 2015

Agenda for Children serves as the Lead Agency for the New Orleans Early Education Network (NOEEN), which is comprised of every publicly funded early care and education program in the city, including those located in schools, Type III early learning centers and Head Start programs. A major part of NOEEN's work is to create a coordinated enrollment process so that families can easily learn about and apply for early childhood education programs.

The Recovery School District's EnrollNola team has taken the lead on developing a coordinated enrollment process so that families can use a single online application to apply for any publicly funded seat in an early childhood education program in the 2016-2017 school year, whether that program is located in a school, early learning center or Head Start. Families can apply online at The main round is open November 2, 2015 – February 26, 2016.

Coming Soon: new tools for families navigating the education landscape

Agenda for Children is also partnering with the Urban League of Greater New Orleans and Aesha Rasheed to offer parents a comprehensive guide to all of their early childhood options in New Orleans.  The New Orleans Guide to Early Childhood Education will launch in the fall of 2015. Thousands of copies will be available in convenient locations throughout New Orleans. Families will also be able to download it from the Agenda for Children web site

Agenda for Children is also producing Education Matters, a supplemental magazine that will appear in Gambit in December. This magazine is designed to help parents navigate the local educational landscape and connect to community resources.

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