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FREE Preschool Available in New Orleans

July 21, 2016

There are still many FREE preschool options available for four-year olds in child care centers, public schools and private schools throughout New Orleans. These programs are open to four year-olds who are residents of Orleans Parish and qualify for free or reduced-price lunch or have a current Individualized Education Plan (IEP). The child must turn four by September 30, 2016 in order to qualify. Click here to download a flier with more information.

You can visit the EnrollNola site to see a list of which programs have availability.  

To enroll your child, visit a Family Resource Center and BRING YOUR DOCUMENTS! 

Family Resource Center Locations 


Lawrence D. Crocker Elementary
2300 General Taylor Street
New Orleans, LA 70115

New Orleans East

Livingston Collegiate Academy
7301 Dwyer Road
New Orleans, LA, 70126


Westbank Family Resource Center
3520 General DeGaulle Drive, # 1101
New Orleans, LA 70114

Documents to Bring to the Family Resource Center

All early childhood families must bring the following printed documents or be able to pull them up online to receive a placement or to be added to waitlists:

• Parent or Guardian's Photo ID
• Child's Birth Certificate or Certificate of Live Birth (child must turn four-years-old on or before September 30, 2016)
• Two (2) of the following documents are required to prove residency*:
    o Current rental lease agreement
    o Homestead Exemption in the parent's name**
    o Electricity/gas bill
    o Sewerage/water bill
    o Telephone bill (landline only)
    o Cable/internet service bill
    o Current official letter from government agency (ex. Department of Children & Family Services, Department of Health, etc.)
• One (1) of the following documents is required to prove income:
    o Last four consecutive paychecks/stubs***
    o Most recent Social Security benefits statement
    o Alimony as shown in court decree or agreement
    o Most recent unemployment compensation statement
    o Louisiana Purchase Card Budget Sheet or Benefits Statement (Not valid proof for Head Start)
    o Most recent pension statements
    o Letter from employer indicating: 1) Where you are employed; 2) Your hourly rate of pay; 3)Frequency of pay and 4) Average hours worked a week***

*Either the parent/guardian name must be on the residency documents or if the parent/guardian lives with another adult who is named on the residency documents, the parent/guardian must bring a signed letter from the person named on the residency documents stating that the parent/guardian lives at that same address. If bringing a letter, parent/guardian must bring acceptable proofs of residency in resident’s name.
** Current property tax bill can be used to prove residency if the homestead exemption is listed on the tax bill. If the homestead exemption is not listed on the tax bill, you must bring a copy of the actual current homestead exemption. Tax bills can be printed at
***Paychecks/stubs must be calculated on a 40 hour/week basis. If you work less than 40 hours each week, please bring a letter from your employer on letterhead stating where you are employed, your hourly rate of pay, frequency of pay, and the average hours worked a week in order to accurately calculate your actual income.

If you cannot provide documents to prove residency or income but believe you are eligible, please contact an EnrollNOLA Family Resource Center to discuss other options to prove eligibility.

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