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New Orleans Early Education Network

The New Orleans Early Education Network (NOEEN) is working to have a collective impact on the early childhood sector in New Orleans by increasing at-risk children’s access to quality early care and education and by designing and implementing a systematic approach to improve the quality of all publicly funded early learning programs.

NOEEN is comprised of all publicly funded early childhood care and education providers in Orleans Parish—more than 150 public schools, non-public schools, Type III early learning centers, Early Head Start centers and Head Start centers—serving more than 5,500 publicly funded birth to five-year-old children.  Agenda for Children serves as NOEEN’s Lead Agency. As the Lead Agency, Agenda for Children supports child care centers, schools and Head Start programs as they work to provide quality early care and education to New Orleans children and families. Currently, NOEEN is responsible for coordinating enrollment, conducting CLASS observations, and serving as a point of contact between individual programs and the Louisiana Department of Education for reporting purposes and coordinating funding requests.

NOEEN's work is guided by a steering committee comprised of representatives from schools, centers, Head Start and Early Steps. All Steering Committee meetings are open to the public. Visit the NOEEN Steering Committee page for information about past and future meetings.

NOEEN Strategic Plan

Over the course of the past fall and winter, NOEEN Steering committee members worked with early childhood stakeholders and Bellwether Education Partners to develop a vision for NOEEN's future. Click here to read the Strategic Plan.

Resources for Programs

NOEEN All-Partner Meeting Materials

Coordinated Enrollment & Information

The Recovery School District's EnrollNola team has taken the lead on developing a coordinated enrollment process so that families can use a single online application to apply for any publicly funded seat in an early childhood education program in the 2017-2018 school year, whether that program is located in a school, early learning center or Head Start. Families can apply online at The main round will open on November 1, 2017. Families will need to apply and verify their eligibility by February 23, 2018 to be included in the main round. We HIGHLY encourage families to participate in main round because it provides the best opportunity to get a seat at the programs they would most like their children to attend. Most Early Head Start seats (for children under the age of three) fill up during main round, so it's especially important that families who would like to apply for Early Head Start apply furing Main Round. 

Coordinated Funding

In December 2017, each early childhood care and education network in the state, including NOEEN, will submit Coordinated Funding Requests to the Louisiana Department of Education (LDE) detailing recommendations for seat allocations to specific operators for LA 4, NSECD, and Preschool Expansion Grant (PEG) for the 2018-19 school year. The goal of NOEEN’s Coordinated Funding Request is to ensure that the limited number of publicly-funded early childhood seats are allocated to those programs that:

On September 26th, the NOEEN Steering Committee approved NOEEN’s Coordinated Funding Request process and timeline. As part of this approved process, all applicants wishing to serve four-year-old children through the NSECD or LA 4 early childhood programs for the 2018-19 school year will need to complete and submit this application by October 27, 2017.

Please visit the Coordinated Funding Request page for more information, including the applications, important dates and more information about a webinar NOEEN will host to familiarize network members with the process.

CLASS Observations

The Louisiana Department of Education is using Teachstone's CLASS tool to measure the quality of teacher-child interactions in publicly funded classrooms. As a community network, NOEEN oversees the CLASS observation process, ensuring that every publicly funded toddler and preschool classroom in the network receives a CLASS observation each fall and spring. NOEEN is also responsible for ensuring that the observations are valid and reliable, which includes making sure that all observers have been certified to observe and "double coding," which uses two CLASS observers, observing side-by-side to make sure that both are scoring accurately. To further ensure data quality, the Picard Center at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette will also observe some NOEEN classrooms to make sure that NOEEN observer scores are in line with those of independent observers. Additionally, NOEEN provides regular trainings on CLASS to help teachers and administrators learn more about the tool and ways they can use it to improve their practice. We also offer trainings for those who would like to become certified CLASS Observers.

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