Agenda for Children

Child Care Resource & Referral for Child Care Providers

Agenda for Children assists parents in finding quality child care that meets their needs. When parents call us for help in finding quality child care, we use our database to generate a list of child care options that fit that family’s specific needs (such as schedule, location and ages served.) We do not recommend any particular program, but we do share information about your program so that parents can then contact you to arrange care for their child. It is vital that the information in our database about your program be accurate so that we can better assist you in marketing your business to families.

There are now three ways you can update your information:

  1. Fill out our Online Provider Information Form.
  2. You can also call Agenda for Children at (504) 586-8509 and we will update your information for you.
  3. When our technical assistance coaches come to your program, you can give them updated information and they will ensure your information gets updated in our system.

Our goal is to share current and accurate information about your program with parents. 

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