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The following resources are available at the Louisiana Department of Education web site, which features a wealth of information for teachers and administrators.

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Louisiana Pathways: a Career Development System for early care and education professionals

Louisiana has a Career Development System for early care and education professionals, which is called Louisiana Pathways. Frequently asked questions about Louisiana Pathways is a good starting place to learn more. If you work at a Type III early learning center, there are many ways that Pathways can help you. For example:

Ancillary Certificate Information

All lead teachers in Type III early learning centers need to hold at least an ancillary certificate. The Louisiana Department of Education put together a list of Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.s) about Early Childhood Ancillary Certificates.

If you already hold a CDA, associate's degree in early childhood or bachelor's degree, you can apply for your Ancillary Certificate right now, at no cost. Detailed instructions on how to apply are included in the F.A.Q. document.

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